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Facebook - with ways to strengthen your relationship

Confused about gifts for good friends, or birthday gifts for her?

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Team Building and Corporate Entertainment

Corporate events can be a great way to boost staff moral and also reward staff for a job well done.  It has been shown over the years that team building events have show to help improve productivity of staff.

Team building events can include activites but also office parties, hiring companies like Face the Music can help make sure your event is one the staff talk about for weeks after.

Companies like GoBananas can help plan and manage the whole event taking away a lot of the stress that normally goes with trying to arrange such events.


Walk at Work with a Treadmill Desk!

A treadmill desk at work? You may wonder how it is possible to work on a treadmill desk. But the truth is that, you will start loving your office once you are on it.

Even I wondered on hearing about the "treadmill desk at work". A friend who works for Appco Group Canada told me about the good side of it. He told me "it is going to change your life and your lifespan".

Yes, it will change your life. Not in the way people say a smartphone or tablet changes their lives, but literally — remove pounds, increase energy, maybe add years to your life expectancy- all done during your working hours.

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Smartphones and Tablets - the world in your palm!

Its always great to watch technology helping people from differnt walks of life. Take the smartphones of today from a fisherman in Malaysia to a CFO in Japan; or President in an Arican country to a beggar in India it is now a necessity... well there are beggars with phones they say!! 

Tablets are similarly infiltrating our daily lives from the smart marketer from companies like Dirad Pte LTD to the jetsetting executives or musicians - eveyone's online listening to music and working on the go!

Let's take a minute to ponder and wonder at the wonderful benefits of these gizmos that make our wired lives more interesting.


Google Releases First Commercial for Nexus 7!

Google’s new Nexus 7 Android tablet is becoming quite a popular device. As I was having lunch today, my friend who is working with Web Listings Inc. sent me an SMS in my Android (watch the Nexus 7 Google has just released). It is the first commercial for the Nexus 7.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Hits Sales Record!

Many people had the notion that Samsung Galaxy S II is the best Android phone ever made. Even I had this opinion when I saw a Galaxy S II with one of my friends who is an employee in Oracle Advertising. This common feel has even put a lot of pressure on Samsung for the Galaxy S III. Well, it looks like they succeeded. The company has sold more than 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Twitter excels in being a media company?

There’s confusion over Twitter being a media company or just a technology platform or perhaps both. As independent developers are building applications on top of the social networking site, the Twitter top executive of the firm have plans of introducing 'stricter guidelines'. With over $1 billion in investment, Twitter is the future of the Internet has attracted technologists concern over the network moving towards a media company which may affect in the future.

An increase in control will noticeably facilitate e-commerce in the future along with its traditional proposition of selling advertising and other sorts of money making deals. Tweeting and retweeting give way for more advertising, be it tourism related, for eg: New tourism packages updated in Karma Kerala Google Plus, new restaurants, boutiques, anything and everything.

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"Tech Geeks More Receptive to Online Ad Campaigns" Research!

A market research has found that online marketers now see early adopters of Innovative Products as more valuable customers than the rest of the population. This section of tech geeks are more receptive to online marketing messages and are quick in adopting the latest tech products.

The chances of the level of influence on this sect of the population are 92% more likely than when compared to average consumers. Brands of all kinds could benefit from targeting this audience. Established direct marketing companies like Appco Group have also benefited from this considerable sect of the consumer population.

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Apple flies high on Siri and iOS6...

Jeremy Stoppelman and Tim Cook are together, which is a sign that Apple does not want Google anymore!

Apple seems to be totally confident, after the Worldwide Developers Conference 2012, in San Francisco; with Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes and OpenTable by its side, Apple is ready to give a tough time to the California based search engine giant.

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Intel, Lava, and Croma - to conquer the minds of Indians!

Intel Corporation, the market leader in integrated digital technology platforms is here to power the Indian mobile-market, after speaking with Steve from Appco Group.

The US-based chip-maker joined hands with Lava International Ltd., for XOLO X900 - the all new Smartphone, for the Indian populace.

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Apple's third-generation iPad 3 HD is here!

It is Wednesday 07 March 2012; the day that the tech-world has been waiting for.  I love my Ipad especially with SNS lik FB i can keep pages up to date.

Yes, 10 a.m. (Pacific Time), and Steve Jobs' men would be busy with the launch of their NEWEST, the third-generation iPad. Hey Susan, what are your plans – Apple event, or the client meeting (Enigma Marketing)?!

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Nissan Motor's INVITATION for the Britishers!

When the whole world is submerged in an economic crisis, the Japanese automaker gives a fresh hope, to many.

Yes, the prototype of the 5-door hatchback (Invitation) of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd has been unveiled by Vince Cable (Business Secretary) at the Geneva Motor Show; hey Alan – it is high time you had changed your old car for the client meetings (Oracle Advertising, and other); come on – wait some more for Nissan's new baby!

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Dell - on a mission!

It seems Michael S. Dell wants to keep it a secret; he is not on an expedition, but on a hunt!

Yes, the Texas-based Dell Inc. is on the hunt for the Chief Technology Officer (CTO); it has been more than three years the company has had one. Hey Wayne, are you still buried under the work of ANB Promotions Ltd.? See, my brand (HP) is more popular than yours (Dell).

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Tata Motors is exploring new avenues for the assembly!

After disappointments from the US and the European markets, Tata Motors Ltd. is now looking up at China, with hope!

I was occupied with a client project (Blackcode Advertising), and was even on a hunt for some UK Business News, when the story about Jaguar Land Rover struck me.

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Fujitsu is looking at the European market!

The 67-year Michiyoshi Mazuka (Chairman, Fujitsu Limited) is giving a tough time to Tim Cook, and Choi Gee-Sung.

My friend Raymond (he works for Coulson Organisation) shared this story; he is quite sure that his brand Apple would always be the market leader. Well, let us see!

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Tata Motors SHINES the chart, with Land Rover and Jaguar

The Q3 and Nine-month results (FY 2011-12) of India-based Tata Motors Limited is out.

Amanda – since Tata Motors already ranks well, they may not perhaps need your services (Web Technologies Inc.), for the time being. (Smile!)

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After the Greek debacle, Vodafone is after something NEW!

After the tattered GREEK dreams (of Wind Hellas), the UK-based mobile telecommunications company (Vodafone Group Plc) has its eyes fixed on something NEW on the home-ground.

Some of my friends are in the squad of James Greaves (Appco Group Malaysia); and I dedicate this news to some that are very good at shooting the breeze – folks, be ready 'as usual' for a debate on this topic! (Laugh!)

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Boon Siew of Honda to SEW everything together at Batu Kawan!

Boon Siew Honda is preparing to stretch its wings further!

I was engrossed with Enza Marketing Review over the web, when the news about Honda struck my system.

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Ford Motor vrooms with the POWER of 1.0-liter EcoBoost!

The high-efficiency Ford Focus with 1.0-liter EcoBoost (petrol-powered) has been uncovered from the company's assembly at Saarlouis (Germany), which has about 6,500 skilled workers on board to meet up the requirements.

I have a B-MAX, which I love more than anything else; it has always brought me good luck; whether on a business deal with my clients - Enigma Marketing or others, or for family outing I ONLY prefer my B-MAX over my other cars.

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Google- Named 'Simplest' brand!

What are the minimum necessities of a brand? You might have many definitions and different answers. But what is the logic required for a brand to get into the heart of as many as consumers as possible? Here the answer is simply "the Google". You may think why?  

It is not long since 'Google' has been ranked the world’s “simplest” brand in a survey that showed, consumers are willing to pay a premium for brands that provide simple communications and experiences. And, Google found its place on top 10 among other technology and online retail brands like Amazon, John Lewis, Tesco, and Apple. And, it is not easy for any brand or marketing companies like Oracle Advertising, to gain the heart of all the consumers in terms of experience.

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Asia not biting costly Apple!

Tim Cook and his men are up to lure Asians with sleek and user-friendly gizmos; but ALL Asia won't be easy bait for Apple Inc.

Apple's high-end devices are doing wonders in different parts of the world; my daughter Amanda who works for Clover Advertising is addicted to her iPhone 4S.

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A clean chit to Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple Inc. has its back to the wall, after a verdict from the Dutch court that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not infringe on its patents.

My cousin Amanda who works for Sirius Star Marketing is not happy, as the judgment is against her favorite brand – Apple! Well!

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Consumers Say- "No" to Faster Innovations and Quick New Gadgets!

Latest surveys have something to tell all the Manufacturers of gadgets and tech companies who make frequent updates and quick new innovations. The study that was done on consumers titled "Navigating the Product Mindset", in which nearly half of the consumers (48%) “Feel high-tech manufacturers bring new products to market faster than people need them.”

Consumers say that new products are released too quickly. Two-thirds of those surveyed also “feel manufacturers do not conduct thorough testing before launching new products.” Internet Marketing companies like Web Listings Inc. also have noticed that, people do browse for stuff like this when new updates come, but are often not seen impressed in their online reviews.

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Hackers get in using children!

Free online games can make your child victim to cyber-attacks.

You heard it right, hackers it seems love CHILDREN that are usually not tech-savvy (not like the daughter of my friend Stefan from Redwoods Advance, who knows a lot more than an adult like me, Huh!).

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Intel to power Lenovo and Motorola!

The market leader in semiconductor chips, Intel Corporation has finally entered the Smartphone market. The announcements came at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas.

Yes, both Lenovo and Motorola will be leveraging the “Intel power” to bring in new revolution in the field of technology and communication. Even though I had to meet with a client from Sirius Star Marketing, I managed to be at Las Vegas for the CES 2012.

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Is Eastman Kodak Co. 'in the red'...??

The Rochester, New York based Eastman Kodak Co. is back to the drawing board, after three, in-a-row resignations of the Directors from its board.

Eastman Kodak Co. 'once' famed of cornering the market with photographic equipment and supplies, it seems is going bankrupt, and might go out of the business by 2012, ONLY if they fail to cut their losses...; as, to survive in the long run, it seems they may have to find solace in Appco Group., and/or others.

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From an Apple to the heights of success!

People that go the extra mile in anything always succeed, and no wonder, men like Robert J. Pera, who does not live high on the hog is one of the most successful business entrepreneurs, today, after leaving his ex-employer, Apple Inc., working there as a wireless-engineer.

Well, it is more about five years that he has been successfully running the Ubiquiti Networks, which is into high-end wireless networking products; the higher sales volume/profit margins of the company this year outstrips even the figures of Apple, which the gentleman was previously employed with. And then, be it Apple, Appco Group, or other renowned companies, a good-base definitely helps many, to climb the ladder, further...

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Social Media the new tool to promote your business

We are aware of Social media and how great it is as marketing tool. We know it is better than other marketing tools, and the difference is all about how we make use of it to send our message out.

Secondly we have been emphasizing a lot on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a tool that every big and small company takes into account for their marketing purpose. A recent survey among small business partners shows that 40% of business owners use social media with a pinch of SEO to it. The survey was conducted by Web Listings Inc., and they found how companies like to post their updates and comments on social websites like Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

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Technology to be adopted in conducting business

A business consultant was asked by his client to virtually explain about what can be done with their business, “If he can do anything better, if so what could that be?” The business consultant said, I am oftentimes asked a lot version of this question, but nowadays it got me to recollect that it’s nearly a year and that I should pass the answers to that question to everybody who asks this question. So here it goes.

On meeting this business executive from Appco Group Singapore, the consultant stated that by 2012 companies should fully adopt technology and to wholly integrate it throughout every facet of your business; from marketing, how to communicate with clients and staff, to how you handle you’re administrative tasks and control your business, etc.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader with Business Reforms to Add Market Value

Just as any businesses brings in new reforms to their products or in the way they run the business Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader, is coming with up with a software update. Those of you who are owners to this eReader will experience the delight of having something new.

The update is rolling out sometime in the coming week and will be free. The update is bringing a bunch of different things to the Nook Color. The Nook Color is getting new streaming content with movies and TV. Many marketers bring in reforms to their products and businesses with special discounts and gifts, which are useful to their customers and make them happy. Direct Marketers like Appco Group, always want its consumers and clients to be happy and contented with their service.

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Intel Helping out Small companies to Supply Branded Ultrabooks

As part of making the new skinny laptop category a success, Intel is helping out smaller PC making companies to build and to supply branded ultrabooks. For this event to be a success, Intel will be holding a meeting on Wednesday in Taipei as a "matchmaker" between large device manufacturers like Foxconn, Pegatron, Compal, and Quanta and smaller brands.

In the marketing business this may seem to be a competition, or in a way another business. Often larger companies like Web Listings Inc does this with smaller ones, in order to go  branded with their items. The list of prospective ultrabook brands include companies like Epson, Onkyo, Viewsonic, Mustek, Motion Computing, WiPro, and Positivo.

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